Sunday, September 21, 2008

Education First!

As a teacher educator for over 30 years, I bring to the school board unique expertise related to the teaching and learning of our teachers and students. We need to retain and recruit the best teachers and staff by providing them with the resources, professional development, and strategies in order to do the Best work possible.

I understand the needs of our community, the diversity in our schools, and the many challenges facing our district. I stand ready to accept these challenges, to do the hard work, and to provide the leadership necessary to transform our schools.

Education has been my passion throughout my life’s work. Organizing teaching and learning for SUCCESS is my motto. When we invest in teachers and classified employees, we invest in our children, in our community, and in our future.

By Voting for Barbara Flores, you are voting for Success, Leadership & Commitment!

My Pledge

I pledge to serve the children, parents, teachers, classified employees, and administrators in the San Bernardino City Unified School District to improve the education of ALL students;

I pledge to provide and maintain safe and healthy environments and implement preventive measures to insure our children’s safety and a peaceful work environment for all;

I pledge to use my knowledge, expertise, and experience to further the goals of guaranteeing our children and students successful graduation rates, multiple pathways to success, and continued academic and social improvement; and also

I pledge to use all of my energy, commitment, passion, and experience to help All of our children and students reach their educational goals.

Please VOTE Barbara Flores for San Bernardino City Unified School Board Member

My Platform

  • Focus on policies that promote safe school environments;
  • Insure a sound fiscal budget;
  • Include more parental and student involvement in finding viable solutions to issues, problems, and challenges;
  • Improve student academic achievement and graduation and college going rates; and
  • Enhance vocational, technological programs, and Fine Arts programs.